Current Residents

If you have a Resident who has already been admitted and is living in Sand Springs Nursing & Rehab, and you need to reach them or talk to staff to discuss your Resident’s care then please call the facility directly to ask.


CALL (918) 245-5908


If you have decided to admit your loved one to Sand Springs Nursing & Rehab and are working through the admissions process, please call the facility and ask for the Administrator, Social Services, or the Business Office Manager.


CALL (918) 245-5908

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If you are still searching for the right Facility for yourself or your loved one and if your are ready for a TOUR or have a few questions before making a decision then call our TOUR Referral Specialist.


CALL (918) 467-CARE

The owner is always ready to answer questions from family about their loved ones.

Call Triacle at (918) 774-9696 and ask to talk to Frank Sullivan, Jr.

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