The Facility History

Sand Springs Nursing & Rehab has been providing excellent care for Sand Springs area families for over 50 years. Sand Springs has an excellent history with Department of Health survey teams.


Sand Springs has four “Sister Nursing Homes” in the Tulsa Area:

Rolling Hills Care Center in Catoosa

Shawn Manor Nursing Home in Ponca City

Cimarron Pointe Care Center in Mannford

Sequoyah Pointe Living Center in Owasso


There is a definite advantage to having Sister Homes. All of the staff in all of the buildings are trained on the same systems and clinical protocols. In times of need, Sand Springs Nursing & Rehab can count on its Sister Homes to help!

The Ownership

Sand Springs Nursing & Rehab and its Sister Homes are operated by the same management company – Comprehensive Management Services, Inc. doing business as TRIACLE. Triacle and the five nursing homes, including Sand Springs, are family owned and operated businesses with their principal place of business in Sallisaw, OK.

Sand Springs Nursing & Rehab is not operated or managed, in any manner, by large national corporations that operate hundreds of nursing homes in several states. Closely held ownership and management allow the owners to focus on Resident centered care and reduces “red tape” and “passing the buck.”  On our Contact page, you will find the name and telephone number of the owner. He will personally take your calls and help you deal with issues that you might have related to the care of your loved one.

The Management Entity

Triacle only manages Sand Springs Nursing & Rehab and its Sister Homes so all of its resources and home office staff are focused each and every day on providing great support and great oversight to the Residents of Sand Springs and its sister homes.

Triacle takes calls from the Residents and their families and will address any concerns that you might have from Care related issues to management of Resident’s accounts. For more information about Triacle, you can visit its website.

Employment Opportunities

Staff turnover in nursing facilities is historically very high. The work is demanding and the hours are sometimes long and emotionally draining. Direct care staff has to work on holidays and days that most of us “take off.” We are constantly looking for qualified and caring staff. If you or someone you know might be interested in a job at Sand Springs Nursing & Rehab or any of its Sister Homes just click here to be taken to the Triacle website.